Big Tuna Culture

At Big Tuna the cultivation of a positive and inclusive environment is primary. Our culture values creativity, energy, teamwork and excellence. We practice “Kaizen,” the philosophy of continuous improvement. Team members are encouraged to offer suggestions and to continually improve processes and services. Above all, we provide great services to our clients and have a pretty good time doing so.

Website Designers

When you come across dreadfully designed websites, does it make you sad? When you see poor typography choices, do simply stop reading and exit the website in question? If so, and you’re passionate about design, user experience and marketing you might just find Big Tuna to be a good fit. Send us your resume, we’re always on the lookout for talented designers to join our team.


Are you an HTML, CSS and JavaScript whiz? Do you enjoy working in a team environment and having a hand in numerous projects? Are you able to communicate technical ideas to non-technical people? If this sounds like you, send us your resume. We’d love to meet you and possibly invite you to join our team.

Sales Consultant

Are you the kind of person who can only sell a product you really believe in? Do you strictly adhere to ethical sales practices? If this sounds like you and you prefer a short sales cycle, a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to close deals multiple times a day shoot us your resume!

Support Specialist

Even after websites are released into the wilds of the Internet, they need regular care. Enter our Support Specialists - our small business web shepherds. As a member of this HTML-fluent team, you will be working with domains, hosting, and email as well as implementing updates to keep websites fresh and up-to-date. So if you manage tasks faster than Ctrl-Shift-Esc, this position may be right for you.

Project Coordinator

Have an itch to be the next Don Draper? Become a Client Coordinator at Big Tuna and join the small business mad men of the 21st century. Client Coordinators listen to clients' website specifications, communicate with graphic designers and programmers and ensure a coherent web presence for every business through website strategizing, copywriting and SEO. Send us your resume and a couple of writing samples for consideration.