Industrial Warehouse In Crossett, AR Expands Services And Service Area

Many manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods today rely on goods which are grown or manufactured at distances far from where they are distributed or sold. To get these items to the sales point is the responsibility of transportation trucks, vans, and trains. Often, shipped items don’t go directly from one location to another. Instead, loads may be moved through a warehouse and logistics center. If you are looking for a warehouse in Crossett AR, we can help. Do you need logistics services in the El Dorado, AR; Monroe, LA; or Little Rock, AR? OWL Warehouse offers a range of services including trucking, cross-docking, and warehousing. It also offers long term storage.

Oachita Warehousing & Logistics LLC (OWL) has the knowledge, and warehouse space to provide affordable and effective logistics and warehousing services for businesses and organizations throughout the United States. We have recognized services in the strategic supply chain and are fully capable of enhancing the profitability and efficiency to customers in a range of industries. Our areas of focus include trucking assistance, top-level storage solutions and a range of additional services including rollstock and crossdocking. We provide our clients with a more competitive edge.

Our facility is based out of a 90K square foot space in Crossett, Arkansas. We also operate a 94,000 sf warehouse in El Dorado. The combination of these two facilities means that all the storage3 needs of our clients are managed efficiently and effectively. The experts associated with Owl can deliver a customized solution for the demands of operations. Some of the activities include product repackaging, rail cars, container shipments, dry box vans and flatbeds.

With so much usable warehouse space in two convenient locations, we are the perfect warehouse management firm for all our client’s distribution and storage needs. We have more than a half-century of successful operation in the business, and we are family owned and operated.

Countless customers who are in need of a dependable service provider to receive and handle roll stock, pallets, bags, boxes or bundles of your valuable supply stock. We go well beyond the storage of your products, efficient though we are. If you need repackaging and distribution of products or delivery to those on your customer list anywhere in the lower 48 states, we promise innovation, trust, reliability, and efficiency.

Our highly trained team is able to provide solutions and a response to every aspect of our clients’ shipping and supply chain. We have a strategic partnership with Dedicated Logistics which provides OWL with the ability to move products on demand. Together we offer time-saving and cost-effective efficiency. We have a mechanical shop on-site in order to take care of fleet truck and trainer maintenance or repair needs and get clients’ vehicles back on the road quickly.

Our sizable facility allows significant space for product storage, but we also are able to provide cross-docking services. We save time and money for our customers while streamlining their supply chains.

When you are searching for information about warehouses in El Dorado, we can help. You can call (870) 364-8000 today!

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