Benefits Of A Warehouse In Monroe, LA

The importance of the trucking, freight movement and railroad freight industries is a key part of this nation’s commerce. Ensuring that the goods and commodities move efficiently and affordably from one place to another requires a number of inter-related services. Are you looking for information about a warehouse in Monroe, LA? If you are in need of warehousing services in Monroe, El Dorado AR, Little Rock, Arkansas or Crossett, Arkansas, we have the facilities to help. OWL has the most reliable and trusted services throughout the entire area.

We are comprised of more than 338k square feet of space in two separate but convenient locations. Our firm, Oachita Warehousing & Logistics, LLC (OWL) is the perfect warehouse management firm for every one of your distribution and storage requirements. For more than half a century, our family owned and run Oachita Warehousing firm has been the go-to-place for hundreds of businesses which are in need of a dependable service provider. We receive and handle pallets, rolling stock, boxes, and bags, as well as cases or bundles with equal care and precision.

If necessary, OWL is able to repackage your products or distribute your products. We can make deliveries for our customers on behalf of your distributors anywhere in the 48 mainland states. We have learned how to be innovative in the services we provide. We have built the trust and reliability which is offered to our customers. This is helpful in permitting our customers to place their focus and emphasis on growing their enterprise. We take care of the shipping, storing, receiving and distribution of necessities in a rapid and efficient manner.

Whether you need warehouse storage for a short time or for an extended period, we can work with you to ensure that the right type of space is available for you. The items may be temperature sensitive or need other special handling care.

If you need us to serve as as a cross docking point to be more efficient in the transport of your items, we can make it happen. We can match loads and destinations easily through the advanced technology we supply. If you need access to rail transport, we work closely with the Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad.

OWL Warehousing is more than just a place to store commodities. We also provide logistics services, cross docking and even truck repair and maintenance for businesses throughout the area. To learn more details about us, call (870) 364-8000 today!

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