Tips From A Warehousing Company In El Dorado, AR

For more than a half-century, Ouachita Warehousing & Logistics, LLC has been providing industrial warehousing to businesses throughout the region. We are a family owned business located in Crossett, AR. Are you looking for a warehousing company in El Dorado, AR? Do you need trucking assistance, cross docking or warehousing in El Dorado, AR, Monroe, LA, Little Rock, AR or Crossett, AR? Ouachita Warehousing & Logistics LLC (OWL Warehousing) has the most reliable and trusted warehouse management services in the Ashley County area!

We have solutions for companies looking for warehouse management and logistics services, including trucking, cross-docking and warehouse space in Crossett AR. Our 90,000 square foot of space in Crossett and the 94,000 square foot location in El Dorado provide for both short term and long term storage needs of our customers. While we are proud of our storage space and warehouse management operations, customers don’t have to store their goods to make effective use of our experience and services. We also can arrange cross-docking services to save our customers time and money while effectively streamlining their supply chains.

We can move goods for our clients using a variety of methods, including flatbeds, containers, LTL, dry box vans, or utilizing the rail cars of the Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad. We can take care of all the day-to-day-logistics to give you peace of mind.

Family-owned and operated Ouachita Warehousing & Logistics, LLC (OWL) has been providing a wide range of services for innumerable companies in need of a reliable service provider for more than fifty years. We do everything from receiving and handling pallets, roll stock, bundles, boxes, cases and bags of your supply stock. We can even repackage and distribute deliveries and products for you to anyone on your customer or client list, so long as the address is within the mainland United States.

We can help with fleet truck or trailer maintenance and repairs in order to get your vehicles back on the road quickly. Because you don’t have to pay for a repair facility, you will find that our on-site mechanical shop which is fully equipped, will provide cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

We have suggestions for on site and off site warehouse management activities, trucking assistance, cross-docking, distribution repackaging, shipping and receiving, so if you want to know more about our warehouses in Crossett, we are available to answer questions. Our sister company Dedicated Logistics serves the 48 contiguous states to give you a committed and comprehensive answer to all logistics and warehouse needs. Call (870) 364-8000 today!

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